About - American Roots. Global Reach.

Made in the USA | Rooted in America’s Industrial Spirit.

Since 1997, JL Furnishings has taken great pride in manufacturing custom furniture that is 100% American-made in our California and North Carolina factories. Until 2014, every piece of JLF furniture came through these doors, ensuring strict control from beginning to end and quality results. For projects not based in Asia, they still do.

Nearly all of JL Furnishing’s domestic production, milling and manufacturing is done on-site at our own facilities. And, when feasible, we proudly sustain local suppliers within a 50 mile radius of our factories.

JLF collections remains committed to using USA-based manufacturing whenever possible, as part of our long-term corporate strategy.

Global Expansion | Quality Craftsmanship at Your Project’s Doorstep

In 2015, client requests drove JLF collections to launch a partnership with a factory in Shenzhen, China – solely to meet the needs of clients with projects in Asia and nearby locations. This factory produces the same, quality furniture as our USA-based factories, with the same strict adherence to project management. The difference? Reduced logistical complications.

So no matter where a project is, we can provide quality furniture quickly, smoothly, without breaking the bank.